Spomasz S.A.

Fabryka Konstrukcji Stalowych i Maszyn Spomasz S.A. [Spomasz Joint Stock Company, Steel Constructions and Machines Factory] is a member of the European Smulders Group, which is an international organization, manufacturing steel constructions of special type and use, for projects dealing with renewable energy on and off shore and mining for oil and gas.

We are specialised in full-scale production of large-size steel elements. We produce constructions for searching, mining, processing and transporting installations which are appropriate for exploitation in extreme sea conditions. The entire production is performed, using top quality materials, meeting any technical standards with a high demand of quality control and associated documentation.

We offer:

  • foundation elements for off-shore wind-power plants and drilling platforms;
  • supportive constructions, ladders, boat landing;
  • main platforms, internal platforms;
  • steel constructions of various use.

In order to meet clients’ requirements, we equipped our production plant with a CNC line for plasma cutting profiles and tubes in 3D and lines for welding plate girders.

We have a modern and well-equipped machine park and highly skilled technical base, totally directed at steel elements production and processing, and the construction solutions applied by us, enable us to perform even the most advanced projects.

Deliveries of the ready-made elements are performed with the help of our sister company Spomasz Trans, specialised in oversized transport of steel constructions. The gained knowledge, experience, qualifications and equipment allow for delivering oversized loads within the area of all Europe.

We meet quality requirements referring to welding metal materials according to 3834-2, EN 1090-EXC4, DIN 18800 standards and the ISO requirement for quality, which is possible thanks to constant measurements and audits. Our qualified staff have all the required welding certificates issued by GSI SLV Halle GmbH, and the production runs under constant supervision of international certifying associations, i.e. Germanischer Loyd and GSI SLV Halle.

The experienced and qualified team of engineers coordinates and supervises the whole realisation process from the very beginning, starting from preparing a project, to the final acceptance of the investment. Cooperation with a client is very important to us, and thanks to the regular consulting, auditing and professional advising at every stage of the project, the performed constructions will meet the highest standards and expectations of the client.